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fever is it builds that it deals on a girl with general malaise and much fever.

Oraldis Romero as Alice Jackson

Osward Fernandez as Osward

Luis Aguilar as Dr. DREE.


- OSWARD: hi alice, how are you?

- ALICE: oh, i feel terrible

- OSWARD: so... what's wrong exactly?

- ALICE: i have a fever, a headache, a cold, a cough, i don't feel well!!!

- OSWARD: oh, sorry! uhm... why don't you go to the doctor?

- ALICE: ok... tomorrow, i'm going to make an appointment

- OSWARD: ok, see you later alice, hope you get better!

- ALICE: thank you osward! bye.


- ALICE: good afternoon, i'm calling to make an appointment whit the DR. DREE

- SECRETARY: ok, what's your name?

- ALICE: alice jackson.

- SECRETARY: ok, come here tomorrow at nine a.m.

- ALICE: ok, thank you!


- ALICE: good morning doctor

- DR. DREE: hi alice, come in... how are you today?

- ALICE: i feel terrible!

- DR. DREE: so... what's wrong exactly?

- ALICE: i have a fever, a cold, a cough and a headache, too.

- DR. DREE: ok, let me check you... ok alice, you have a hard could. take this aspirins one after every meal for two weeks. take a lot of rest and drink a lot of liquid.

- ALICE: ok, thank you doctor, bye!

- DR. DREE: bye alice!


- OSWARD: helo alice, how are you today?

- ALICE: i'm just fine osward thank you!

- OWARD: did you go to the doctor?

- ALICE: yes i went!

- OSWARD: ok... bye alice, have a nice day!

- ALICE: thanks osward you too!!!

!!!!!!!! watches the photo we we are the personages that it parese to you?

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Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid

I love eating pizza, ice cream and hamburger, I don’t like crackers and lettuce. I need to eat broccoli and carrots. I more to eat pasta, potatoes and bread. I usually eat a little of chicken, noodles and beef.

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the carnival

This was lesson 11. In this lesson I practice vocabulary and expressions related to celebrations and festivities.

My favorite celebration is Carnival. This is my report about carnival.

Name of the festival: carnival

Introduction: Name of festival/country; season and length
The carnival is still a Venezuelan’s tradition. Many carnivals are held in February.
It is an annual celebration like the one found in many countries of the world

Main contents (1) Historical/religious or other significance
The history of the carnival can be viewed from deferent’s angles, But one thing is sure, it is a result of a cross, cultural exchange that started centuries ago.
This holiday is not celebrated by so many religions of world. they think is a pagan celebratiòn

Main contents (2) Preparations; customs; activities
In the carnival season we always can see parades of floats and dancer formed by masked groups or dancers wearing the same clothes

Main contents (3) Personal celebrations
The carnival is one of my favorite season of, year Because I always go to the beach

Conclusion: Commercial significance Personal views about festival
The carnival has a big commercial significance Because it is a very famous festival celebrated in my country. People buy costumes and celebrate with food and drinks. Shops sell a lot of products like masks, toys, ballons, etc.

What about you? do you like CARNIVAL? do you celebrate carnival in your country? Tell me....
Hi, she`s my friend stephanie, she`s twentyfour years old. in the next sentence we can check her daily nutritional regime.


Her name is: Stephanie
She sometimes has breakfast, she eats at nine and six, she never has fish for breakfast, and she sometimes goes to restaurant breakfast she never drink the same thing for breakfast. She never eats meat breakfast, she always eats bread for breakfast. She sometimes makes lunch for other people. She never has dinner alone always with her family or with friends. Her favorite food is hot dog and for she Venezuela style breakfast postulates and coca-cola, she always has a different breakfast.

What do you think about her nutritional regime?

Can you apply her daily nutritional regime in your daily life?

I don`t think so!!!!! =)

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Hello, my name is Oraldis. I`m in a english class..

Sometimes, the english class it`s so difficult to me, because i can`t understand so many thinks, but it`s very interesting